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A Local Ft. Lauderdale Business Should Rely on a Local Fort Lauderdale Glass Repair Service
August 12, 2016
Smiling Glass Service - sliding glass doors at home
Smiling Glass Service Serving Superb Fort Lauderdale
August 19, 2016

Yes to Fort Lauderdale Glass Repair; No to Iphones

Smiling Glass Service - sliding glass doors at home

Fort Lauderdale Glass RepairIt seems that a lot of people in Fort Lauderdale break their iPhones, because we get calls every day from people asking for glass repair to their mobiles. However, iPhone glass is something that we know nothing about.

Some people must be very careless with their phones. We don’t know about you, but we are extremely careful with our phones. When you have a little gadget that costs about $700 we reckon it is worth looking after. We don’t do stupid things like that guy you might have seen in the TV ad who puts his on the countertop next to the sink when he’s washing up and then knocks it in the water.

We Don’t Do Auto Glass Either

So, sorry, we don’t offer glass repair for iPhones. We don’t do auto glass either, nor do we repair picture frames and glass table tops. However, we do offer glass repair for anything that is attached to your home or business. So windows and sliding glass doors at home all the way up to a complete glass front for your car showroom.

So if it’s part of your building for which you need glass repair, then call us. The clue is in the name – Glass Window Repair. All right, perhaps it’s a little confusing because it doesn’t mention doors. It’s a historic thing. We started out over 15 years ago in the window business, but we got so many calls from homeowners who had faulty sliding glass doors in Fort Lauderdale that we felt we had to respond in order to provide them with that service as well.

Windows And Doors And Glass Repair And Fort Lauderdale – That’s Us

So we hope that’s clear now. Glass windows and glass doors – that’s us. Not only that, we offer a full 24 hour service, so you can call us out in an emergency at any time of day or night. Our trucks are constantly on the road in Fort Lauderdale – you’ve most certainly seen them around – so that we can respond to an emergency call within 30 minutes.

As far as we’re concerned, any time glass windows and doors get broken it’s an emergency because your home or business is vulnerable to all and sundry, especially at night. Equally, if you own a business and your glass door gets broken during the day it means that you might have to close if your customers can’t safely get in and out of your store. That’s why we offer a glass repair service that is unbeatable in Fort Lauderdale.

So if your iPhone glass gets broken you’ll have to go on Google and find a mobile phone repair shop. But if your windows and doors get broken, then call us.


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