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Sunrise: Glass Repair Services

If you live or work in Sunrise, Florida, we’re convenient to you! Most people simply contact us via the Web form or call us at the phone number above, rather than dropping by at our glass repair service location in Sunrise. Why? Well, because – let’s be honest – generally you have a sliding glass door, a home window, or a business entryway door that is in (urgent) need of repair, and you want US to come to YOU. Sunrise Florida Glass Repair

Glass Repair Services

Here are some of the service that we offer to Sunrise businesses and homes for glass repair. Remember: generally speaking, we do EVERYTHING with respect to glass repair EXCEPT autos and smart phones. So if you’re looking for the best glass repair service in Sunrise, you’ve found it!

  • Sliding Glass Doors – a perennial favorite, we repair and replace all models of sliding glass doors. If you have a sliding glass door that’s broken, we can fix it. If you have one that’s old, we can replace it. And, if you’re not sure, we can come by and give a free estimate so you know both the cost of a glass door replacement and of a glass door repair. We let you decide.
  • Home Window Repair – most of us have quite a few windows in our South Florida homes, to let in that beautiful sun (but not the heat). We are experts in all kinds of home window repairs and replacements up to and including the new ‘hurricane glass’ or ‘tempered glass.’ It’s often also called ‘safety glass.’ Whatever you call it, we can repair your existing home windows and/or replace them with the latest and greatest in home windows.
  • Residential Glass Repair – it’s obvious by now, that we’re the #1 glass repair service in Sunrise, Florida, for homes. Give us a call TODAY for your residential repair or replacement needs. Free estimates.
  • Commercial Glass Repair – we are not just a local business in Sunrise – we support local businesses such as restaurants, apartment complexes, condo associations, shopping malls and others that need commercial glass repair services. If you’re a business, give us a call today! Not only do we offer free estimates but we can come out and pre-measure your glass windows or sliding glass doors. It’s great for apartment complexes or condo associations, so that when you have a breakage, we can fix it immediately.
  • Board Up Services – we have the largest stock in the city, but if we can’t fix your glass window or glass door, we can ‘board it up,’ while we wait for the parts to come in. So, in summary, we’re the #1 Sunrise board up service.

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Fun Historical Facts about Sunrise, Florida

At the same time, Sunrise has reduced the property tax rate for the past thirteen consecutive years.

Sunrise offers its 85,000+ residents a variety of attractive, well-maintained neighborhoods – from private, gated golf-course communities to quality rental properties. Sunrise also continues to provide its growing population with first-rate services, and is the county’s recognized leader in providing quality-of-life facilities for residents. The City offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including a soccer club, golf course, a tennis club, playgrounds and municipal swimming pools – as well as a Senior Center and a Civic Center complex featuring a 300-seat theater, an art gallery and banquet facilities. Sunrise is also home to eleven public schools, two post offices and two public libraries.

Today, Sunrise boasts its own flourishing job market and has emerged as the county’s leader in commerce, having developed the largest corporate office park in South Florida. From humble beginnings, Sunrise has also grown into a sophisticated city of culture – offering residents and visitors abundant opportunities to experience art, theatre, fine dining and first-class entertainment.

Updated: 9/13/2016


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