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November 22, 2017
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More than Sliding Glass Doors & Cooper City: A Top Ten Family Friendly Community!

Sliding glass door Cooper City.

Cooper City has been a fast-growing South Florida city, having been founded by Morris Cooper in 1959 and in less than 60 years having grown to a population of just under 36,000 people. It is also an eminently family-friendly city, having been named as one of the top ten cities for families in the United States by family Circle Magazine.

The city has a small memorial park, but also has the Brian Piccolo Sport Park with its’ famous cricket ground, bike and running trails and Velodrome. It has soccer fields, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a play area for the kids. It is also well-known for its’ owls, whose nests are protected.

Then there’s the Antiques Mall. Some cities have an antique shop or two, but Cooper City goes the whole hog with a complete mall. You can find all sorts of bits and pieces here to suit the family home.

Is Your Sliding Glass Door Past Its Sell-By Date?

Talking of the family home, if you have a sliding glass door in Cooper City and your home is one of the earlier ones, it is probably getting well past its sell-by date. This is especially so if you have a large family because the kids will always be running in and out of the yard, so your sliding glass door Cooper City gets much more wear and tear than it would if it was just part of the home of a retired couple.

A statistic that we never tire of repeating is that if you go out into the yard five times a day and your home is 40 years old, your sliding glass door has gone back and forwards around 150,000 times! Of course, if you have three or four kids running in and out that figure could swell up to as much as a half million times! If you think about it, it is hardly surprising that some sliding glass doors call time and refuse to open and shut properly.

It’s all down to wear and tear. There are lots of moving parts in a sliding glass door and like anything else with moving parts they wear down over time.

Fortunately, although our name is Glass Window Repair, we are also experts on everything to do with sliding glass doors too. We have large stocks of spare parts for nearly all makes of sliding glass door and we can repair that old 70’s sliding glass door Cooper City and have it running as smooth as silk again.

So don’t put up with the sticking and jerking for a moment longer. Call us and we’ll get you back on track – literally!


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