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October 14, 2016
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Does Your Sliding Door Still Slide?

Fort Lauderdale Sliding Glass Door ReplacementSliding glass doors in Ft. Lauderdale Can Be Repaired

Let’s think about things that slide for a minute. For instance, there are all the slides in the parks and gardens here in Ft. Lauderdale which the kids love. So do a few of the adults, if we’re honest: quite a number of parents will have a sneaky go on the slide when they’re out with the kids.

What about drawers? Drawers slide in and out.

Then there are slides on your laptop or desktop. How many times do you find a slideshow that slides to the next image when you click on the arrow?

You Can Slide On Ice: And We Can Fix Your Door

You can slide on ice too. Fortunately that’s one thing that we don’t have in Ft. Lauderdale. But a thing that we have lots of is sliding doors. Now if your sliding door doesn’t slide, it’s time to slide into our website and have a look around at our stocks of all the latest sliding glass doors. We’re the #1 website for sliding door replacement Ft. Lauderdale.

One of the worst things that can happen to any home or business is to have a sliding door that has suddenly decided to stop sliding. It can happen at the worst possible times. A few months ago we had an emergency call from a guy who was on his first date with a hot redhead. He invited her round to his 5th floor apartment and they went out on to his balcony for a few tequilas as they watched the sun go down.

The Embarrassment of a Broken Sliding Glass Door

Can you imagine his embarrassment when it was getting dark and they decided to go back indoors only to find that the sliding door was stuck fast and he couldn’t open it? Fortunately, he had his mobile with him so he was able to call us and we let them in. They’d still be there now if he hadn’t. Our technician reported that the redhead was thoroughly hacked off and left in a huff.

The crazy thing about it was that the door had been sticking and jamming for months, but the guy simply hadn’t done anything about it. Of course, he opted for sliding door replacement Ft. Lauderdale on the spot, but it was too late to have any chance of scoring with the redhead.

Sliding doors do suffer from wear and tear because they have a number of moving parts. Very often we can repair your faulty sliding door, but if we can’t your only option is sliding door replacement Ft. Lauderdale.

Once again you will be able to have a sliding door that actually slides – with the touch of a finger. What sheer bliss!

So if your sliding door doesn’t, it’s time to slide over to the phone and call us.


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