Sliding Glass Door Repair Coral Springs, Florida
Coral Springs May Lack Springs but It Has Sliding Glass Doors to Be Repaired
November 27, 2017

Seeing the Sunrise in Sunrise, Florida, While Repairing a Sliding Glass Door

Sunrise sliding glass door repair.

At Glass Window Repair we are known throughout South Florida as the company that never sleeps. It’s true: we don’t. From Day One our purpose has always been to offer a truly 24/7/365 glass repair service, for the simple reason that we are fully aware that glass windows and doors get broken at the most inconvenient times.

OK, we know there is never a “convenient” time to have your windows or doors broken. In fact it doesn’t matter where or when this happens, it is without exception, ALWAYS, an incident which ranges from “that’s a damn nuisance” to “Oh hell, this is SCARY”. Whichever category you happen to fall into, you need help and you need it NOW. Not later on today, tomorrow morning, or next Wednesday – you need it NOW.

Whatever It Is, It Needs Fixing! That Means You, Sliding Glass Doors!

It could be a broken window or a broken sliding glass door, but whatever it is, it needs fixing! This is why, at Glass Window Repair, we are on call at all times of day and night. Not only that, we don’t treat our customers with disdain, making you talk to a computer or an answerphone. Whenever you call you will get answered by a real human being who will take your details and despatch our nearest technician to you immediately. If you need Sunrise sliding glass door repair we’ll usually have someone with you in 30 minutes or less. This is the kind of service that WE would expect if it were us, so that is what we provide to every customer.

It’s true that in the case of sliding glass doors it might be something which actually CAN wait until tomorrow. Then again, we have had many instances where a homeowner has had a sliding glass door which is stuck open, refuses to budge, and it’s the wet season, with a big black cloud coming in off the Atlantic. No fun at all. This is why our technicians are always on call for Sunrise sliding glass door repair. The truth is that we have seen the sun rise in Sunrise on very many occasions. Whether it’s a door that is stuck or a broken window, Glass Window Repair is always here for you. Glass windows? Glass doors? It’s all the same to us. If it’s glass, that’s what we do.

Well, not quite. If you just dropped your Samsung Galaxy S8 we don’t fix those. Sorry. Equally, we don’t do auto glass – windshields and so on.

But Sunrise sliding glass door repair? YES! Give us a call!


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