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October 17, 2016
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Nobody in Fort Lauderdale Wants Board Up Service (But We Have It)

Strange, but true: at Glass Window Repair we provide a service that nobody wants! If necessary, we’ll come out and Board Up Service your home or your business.

Why don’t you want it? Because you don’t want to be sitting there in the dark when it’s broad daylight outside. You don’t want your customers to think that you’ve shut up shop. It also has the effect of making your home or business look as though it’s derelict.

So no, nobody wants their premises boarded up. However, sometimes it’s the only answer. It’s’ the lesser of two evils. Our board up Fort Lauderdale service is the only choice if for some reason we are unable to repair your broken windows or glass doors on the spot.

It Doesn’t Happen Often, But When It Does We Can Board it Up

The good news is that it doesn’t happen very often. The reason for that is because we carry the largest inventory of different types of glass at our depot of any company in Fort Lauderdale. That means that we have usually got in stock the piece or pieces of glass that you need in order to effect an immediate repair. That is what we would prefer to do, and it’s what you would prefer as well.

However, you cannot leave your premises open to an approaching storm, and you certainly don’t want any passing vagrant or thief entering your home or business with evil intent. So board up Fort Lauderdale is the obvious thing to do in the meantime.

Think of it as going to the dentist. Do you know anybody who WANTS to go to the dentist? That’s a silly question really. Yet there are a lot of dentists in Fort Lauderdale and they make a very good living because people HAVE to go to the dentist.

Security, No Matter What: Board Up Service

In the same way, your premises must be kept secure no matter what. If your broken windows and doors can’t be repaired or replaced immediately you can’t just leave them open because your insurance company won’t cover the cost of stock losses or theft of prized possessions if you have failed to take every precaution. Board up Fort Lauderdale is the only alternative.

Fortunately, even if it is necessary to board up your home or business in order to get an unusual type of glass from our suppliers, we have special arrangements with them which usually enable us to obtain the piece that you need within a matter of hours, rather than the days or weeks some companies take. So even if we have to board you up, you will still be back in business in a very short time.


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