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August 10, 2016
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A Local Ft. Lauderdale Business Should Rely on a Local Fort Lauderdale Glass Repair Service

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What qualifies as a small business? It all depends where you are. In the EU it is one that has fewer than 50 employees, in Australia it is one that has less than 15, while in the US it is one that has less than 500 in order to qualify for many of the Small Business Programs.

We certainly have less than 500 employees, but we think that generally most people would consider a small business to have less than 100. That applies to the majority of the businesses in Ft. Lauderdale, many of which are run by sole proprietors and many more of which probably have less than 25 employees.

We Love To Help Our Fellow Business Owners

As one small business to another, we love to help out our fellow business owners with Ft. Lauderdale business glass repair. Certainly, we’re not proud, and if we get a call to repair windows or glass doors at AutoNation, Citrix Systems, or Seacor Holdings we’ll be happy to help. However, small businesses are our bread and butter and we love to help them in their hour of need in order to keep them going and making a good living for their owners and staff.

Broken windows and glass doors can be a real problem for small business owners. Even if it is only an office window it can cause a major headache if there is a storm blowing and rain is pouring into the building. If this should happen to you the quickest thing to do is to board up the window to keep the worst out until the storm has passed, then we can attend to Ft. Lauderdale business glass repair when it is over. Remember our promise to get to you within 30 minutes of your call: this is why our trucks are on the road at all times, day and night.

Close Your Doors For Business

Of course, if you own a small store and a truck or bus smashes into the front of it, that can put you out of business until it is repaired. You can’t have your customers walking in and out through piles of broken glass, so you have to close your doors for business for the moment – even if you literally can’t do so.

That’s why we are here for you for Ft. Lauderdale business glass repair at all times. The job of our business is to help your business to keep going, making a profit, and keeping your employees happy, regardless of the circumstances.

Call us at any time – day or night – and trust Glass Window Repair to be at your side.


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