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What to Know About 24 hour glass repair near me

residential glass repair

residential glass repair

Emergencies can happen at any time, especially when it comes to window glass. The first thing we often ask is, “Where can I find 24 hour glass repair near me?”

Windows get old, break and develop flaws that interfere with your view of the world. Fortunately, for commercial and residential property owners in South Florida, excellent 24 hour glass repair and replacement is only a phone call away to Glass Window Repair. Whether a storm blows through requiring residential glass repair or replacement or an upgrade requires commercial glass replacement, the decision-making process is easier with some background knowledge in order to ensure your decision is the right one.

The Best Window Styles and Types in South Florida

Shopping for new windows can be somewhat confusing due to current codes, materials available and window styles. Of course, considerations made by residential homeowners will be considerably different the for owners requiring commercial glass repair. Whether seeking to improve a piece of property or needing emergency glass repair, the following information should help you get started.

Framing the View

Window frames have become almost as important as the glass selected for windows. Unlike in past years, today’s frames come in a variety of materials and colors in order to complement the design of any structure. Following are the most commonly selected frames.

Vinyl window frames are a replacement option for the older aluminum models. They are tough and rugged. They also never peel, chip, fade, or need maintenance.

Fiberglass window frames are now more versatile, aesthetically, in that, they can be painted while providing the structure needed to stiffen the windows. In that way, they incorporate the best attributes that can be found in all window frame materials and can be changed to reflect changes trends and tastes.

Wooden window frames are still popular but have been upgraded from those available in the past. In order to provide additional protection from environmental elements, they now contain a layer of aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl that covers the exterior surface.

Window Styles For Any Space

  • Arched windows are one of the few styles that don’t open or close. The come in many sizes and shapes. They are often found in areas where natural light is wanted such as stairwells or entryways.
  • Awning windows can be identified by cranks or handles that are located at the base of the window. Hinges mounted at the top of the sash allow the bottom of the window to swing out when opening.
  • Bay windows are the ideal solution for additional seating for a banquette table in a kitchen space or a window seat that provides the perfect view for reflection or reading.
  • They’re made when two side windows fabricated together with a larger center section that is placed at a 30 to 45-degree angle from the structure. They give homes a unique façade that is very elegant.
  • Casement windows have a crank or handle located at the bottom that allows the window to be opened 90 degrees in order to provide optimum ventilation.
  • They incorporate a single sash that’s hinged on only one side and come in colonial or traditional styles in order to better reflect the architectural elements of the structure.
  • Double-hung windows allow windows to be opened either from the top or bottom.
  • Garden windows create boxes with sides, top, bottom and main window panes that extend away from the structure. They invite the sunshine into space and showcase herb gardens and plants.
  • Picture windows are fixed panes of glass that do not operate the way other styles do. When expansive views are available either in the front or back of the structure, they are the perfect option.

Floridians that live on the beach often include this type of window in order to take full advantage of the beautiful ocean views.

Single-hung windows utilize either an upper or lower sash that allows windows to be opened and closed for enhance ventilation.

  • Sliding glass doors are ideal to take the best advantage of backyard views. They are also made according to code the same as other window sizes and styles.


  • Sliding windows have two window sashes that allow windows to slide horizontally side-to-side. They come in a single slide option and a 3-light version where a center pane is fixed then smaller panes on either side slide horizontally toward the center.



Window Glazing and Panes

  • Single-pane or single-glazed window panes use only one layer of clear glass that is made with a 4mm thickness. The style is designed to maximize the transmission of daylight.
  • Double-glazed window panes utilize two panes of glass. In between the panes, gas or air is inserted. Most often the gas is argon, although more recently manufacturers have begun to use krypton.
  • Triple-glazed window panes incorporate a third layer of glass that helps maximize the reduction of noise as well as significantly improve energy efficiency.


Legalities and Window Options in Florida

Various cities have different legal requirements when it comes to replacing or installing new windows whether for emergency glass repair, commercial glass repair, residential problems or total replacements. In many cities, a building permit is required. If legal requirements have not been met, building inspectors are allowed to issue stop work orders or red tags on such projects. Once discovered, the building department is allowed to double the price of permits as well as charge other applicable fines and fees.

With more knowledge and interest in energy-efficient building materials, the need to replace drafty, single-paned windows has soared in the last two decades. Regardless of whether the structure is located in Miami Beach, Dadeland, Brickel or one of the other many South Florida cities, double-paned windows are now standard in most structures. Additionally, the 5th Edition of the Florida Building Code requires windows and doors bear the energy star label. When working with a qualified contractor like Glass Window Repair, this will be handled for you.

Perks for Windows

Upgrading windows with more modern options will require a substantial upfront expense, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t perks associated with them. Floridians can take advantage of various rebates and incentives depending on which styles, frames and sizes they choose. That’s especially true when replacing all windows in a structure. The federal government, realizing the value of energy conservation, provide additional incentives for glass replacement.

Such programs are often associated with window replacement that improves energy efficiency and includes all windows that meet a set criteria. Tax credits, rebates and even up-front savings for Floridians are all available. The website along with the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) provides lists of incentives, rebates, and policies that will lead you directly to the most savings possible.

Window Replacement versus Repair

In many cases, damaged windows don’t have to be replaced but can be repaired so before you start shopping for new windows, you need to become familiar with what can be fixed versus what needs to be replaced.

  • This is primarily due to the shifting trend toward improved manufacturing techniques in vinyl, fiberglass and wood framed as well as double-glazed and triple-glazed windows. Of course, replacing old windows with newer options lowers energy bills and noise, but the cost can be prohibitive. Here are some things you should consider before deciding whether to repair or replace.
  • Rotten and jammed sashes can often be repaired by professionals that specialize in window glass repair along with all framing. Such conditions are often caused by water penetrating around the frame. To fix it requires that the unit is taken apart and inspected then all damaged parts replaced.
  • When double and triple glazed windows become “milky” it’s a sign that the seal around the panes has been breached. Due to recent advances in the industry, frequently even that condition can be resolved by window technicians that have been trained in all the latest techniques.
  • Making old windows more energy efficient is possible by re-caulking and adding new weather stripping around frames. It will help reduce drafts but there are some precautions and reasons to call in a professional like Glass Window Repair. That is especially so when it comes to commercial glass repair as opposed to residential.
  • On the outside of the structure, the caulk has to go between the window molding and the structure. On the inside around the window trim also requires caulk. The trick is that it needs to be applied when the humidity is low yet the temperature is above 45 degrees.
  • Weather stripping, on the other hand, can be installed when the temperature is higher than 20 degrees, but can only be applied to dry, clean surfaces. Another thing to consider is that screen and storm windows, especially those installed on the interior of a structure, can help with insulation and costs less than replacing windows.
  • Caring for older homes requires special caution in that prior to 1978 lead-based paint was used in homes throughout the nation. When windows are opened and closed, especially single pane windows, the friction against the sashes releases lead particles in the dust that is poisonous and is particularly harmful to children.

Studies have shown that it can cause learning disabilities along with other problems in children that are irreversible.

Professionals in the field can remove the harmful paint safely and, if it is determined the windows need to be replaced, can reduce led dust during the project.

In conclusion, with a window contractor like Glass Window Repair, emergency glass repair or replacement is no longer an issue. Whether requiring sliding glass door repair in Miami, residential glass repair in Brickel or glass replacement to increase a structure’s value and improve energy efficiency in Dadeland, Glass Window Repair is available with the best technicians in the area.

No longer do you have to ask, “Is there a 24 hour glass repair near me?” because we’ll be there when you need us. You can call anytime for a free estimate.

What to Know About 24 hour glass repair near me


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