High Impact and Hurricane Resistant Glass

High impact glass, sometimes referred to as “Hurricane Glass” is code word for the most advanced glass technology. Whether you are a Ft. Lauderdale business or a home owner, a commercial or residential customer, we are the #1 place to go in Florida to find and upgrade to high impact glass. We can repair it as well. Often times, it’s not just high impact glass – it’s glass that is used for energy efficiency. High impact glass is often made of plastic or polymers and may use “gas” inside of it to resist the transmission of heat. So important on those hot Fort Lauderdale summer days, and so important if we are facing a hurricane.

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High Impact Glass for Fort Lauderdale homes and businesses.Need reliable installers ? Our Ft Lauderdale  Glass Repair company has expert glass window installers  who can help with the following services ; Glass Replacement, Glass Repair, Sliding glass door repair, and glass window repair for both homes and businesses. High impact glass is our latest specialty.

Every year hurricanes threaten the South Florida region. Let this year be allotted less high pressure for you and the family. We can work with all of your glass door board up needs, if a thunderstorm happens to come your way or a hurricane threatens us in South Florida. Our Ft. Lauderdale glass board up expert services can make certain that you never have to worry about anything other than getting you and also your family to safety.

High Impact Glass Fort Lauderdale


High Impact and Hurricane Resistant Glass for Fort Lauderdale and All of Broward County

There are reasons besides hurricanes when you’ll need high impact glass. These include:

  • Vandalism. Many stores will be subject to vandalism at some point. Don’t let the vandals win! Call us so that your business is up and running, immediately. Similarly, for home owners – show the vandals that you care about, and protect, your property.
  • Accidents. Accidents happen. Homeowners are especially vulnerable to the proverbial lawn mower hitting a rock, and breaking a sliding glass door. Those South Florida yards grow fast in Fort Lauderdale, and the rocks easily become hidden.
  • Energy Efficiency. High impact glass is usually very high end, and with that comes energy efficiency. Indeed, high impact glass can pay for itself in energy savings across a few hot Fort Lauderdale summers!

Not every glass company specializes in high impact glass repair and replacement in Fort Lauderdale.  But we do.  So call or email us now for your high impact glass repair needs in Fort Lauderdale or other communities in Broward county.

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