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Glass Window RepairGlass, of course, is made of silicon. Those of us who live in Fort Lauderdale and throughout all of South Florida realize that silicon is what makes up our beautiful beaches. We love glass! As the leader in glass and window repair for both Fort Lauderdale businesses and homes, we recommend that you call us as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Among the services that we offer in terms of glass and window repair are the following.

  • Residential glass repair. If you own a home anywhere in the greater Fort Lauderdale region, give us a call. We are experts at home and residential glass repair needs, anything ranging from a simple glass window to a more complex sliding glass door repair or replacement.
  • Commercial glass repair. For those who own a business in Fort Lauderdale or environs, we are known as one of the best commercial glass repair shops. We can help with your glass windows or glass doors, including your entryway doors.
  • Sliding glass door repairs. Among our most common service calls is a call for a sliding glass door repair. All of that beautiful Fort Lauderdale sand commonly gets in the gears and sliding materials of the doors, and, over time, the doors deteriorate.
  • Sliding glass door replacement. If it’s time for your door to be replaced, we can give you a free estimate on a complete sliding glass door replacement. In fact, we will be neutral between repair or replace, and can help you estimate the costs and advantages of each.

The above list some of our services with respect to glass window repair for greater Fort Lauderdale. Please remember that although we service both businesses and homes, we do not do auto glass repair. We also do not do iPhone glass repair.

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Fort Lauderdale History

Las Olas Boulevard is a popular thoroughfare in Fort Lauderdale that runs from Andrews Avenue in the Central Business District to A1A and Fort Lauderdale Beach. The boulevard was constructed in 1917, when Las Olas was just a dirt road that crossed the swampy wetlands to the barrier island at Fort Lauderdale Beach. The Las Olas Isles were dredged in the 1920s to create land for the areas most picturesque waterfront residential district. The modern commercial segment of Las Olas Boulevard was constructed during the Post World War II era. The westernmost downtown segment was entirely reconstructed since the 1970s. The boulevard begins at the famous Elbo Room bar where the beach meets the boulevard and ends in the west at the Museum of Art.

Source: https://www.fortlauderdalehistoricalsociety.org/timeline/las-olas-boulevard-completed-2/

Daily Quote from Mark Twain

It’s like a cloud which resembles a horse after some one has pointed out the resemblance. You perceive it, then, though I have often seen a cloud that didn’t. Clouds often have nothing more than a brother-in-law resemblance. I wouldn’t say this to everybody, but I believe it to be true, nevertheless. For I myself have seen clouds which looked like a brother-in-law, whereas I knew very well they didn’t. Nearly all such are hallucinations, in my opinion.
– No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger

Source: http://www.twainquotes.com/Hallucinations.html

Updated: 10/17/2017

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