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Glass Repair in Fort Lauderdale, FloridaOur mission is to be the best glass repair service in Fort Lauderdale. What does ‘best’ mean? Well, we’re passionate about glass, we’re passionate about glass repair, and we’re passionate about Fort Lauderdale. Let us explain how we strive to be the best glass repair service in our fair city.

  • Repair or replace. Whether you need to repair or replace a sliding glass door, or glass window, we pledge to be neutral. Our technicians will give you an honest assessment of whether it is a better decision to repair or replace your glass window or sliding glass door.
  • Community first. We are a small business in Fort Lauderdale, not a huge national chain, and we strive to put our community first. We support the local community, and strive to give back in every way possible.
  • Respect for our customers. We are experts in the glass repair business, but we do not expect our customers to be. Therefore, we will be patient in dealing with customer questions and inquiries, and bend over backwards so that you understand the repair or replacement work that is going to be performed.
  • One size does not fit all. Being the best glass repair service in Fort Lauderdale does not mean being the most profitable or being the biggest. It does not mean that we offer the same service to everyone! One size does not fit all, and what is best for you may not be best for your neighbor. We will work with you, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, to identify the best plan of action for your glass repair or glass replacement needs.
  • Emergency service. We recognize that glass breaks at any moment, and we offer 24 seven emergency service for both homes and businesses in greater Fort Lauderdale. Being the best means being available, and we pledge to answer our phone 24 hours a day.

Glass Repair – 24/7, Immediately Response

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Fort Lauderdale Factoid

The Indians named the river “Himmarshee” or New River, which became a route for trading ocean catches at the Stranahan Trading Post with the early settlers, and Fort Lauderdale grew up around that site. Spanning the north and south banks of Fort Lauderdale’s New River is the Riverwalk Park, a waterfront park in the heart of Downtown. Along these historic banks, Native Americans brought their ocean catches upriver to trade, and early settlers brought their harvest for rail shipment north. This bustling area eventually served as Fort Lauderdale’s birthplace. Today, lush tropical landscape and winding walkways link attractions, restaurants and shops on Florida’s most beautiful mile. Riverwalk Park is a multimillion-dollar project involving state, local and private funding and combining the arts, history, entertainment, higher education and various businesses.

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– An unpublished letter on the Czar, 1890


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