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October 24, 2016
Fort Lauderdale Sliding Glass Door Replacement
A Gift for your Fort Lauderdale: a New Sliding Glass Door
November 23, 2016

Glass Repair in Fort Lauderdale for Businesses (and Homes as Well)

Back in the day – the 1970’s – ads on TV were called “commercials”. When a new film came out they called them “previews” – not trailers. Who cares? They’re exactly the same thing no matter what you call them.

Here’s another one: business glass repair or commercial glass repair?

Who cares? It’s the same thing.

We’re the #1 business glass repair company in Ft. Lauderdale and we’re the #1 commercial glass repair Ft Lauderdale company as well. It’s the same thing. You own a business. Your window or door gets broken. We fix it.

What does it matter what either of us calls it? Commercial glass repair Ft. Lauderdale or business glass repair Ft. Lauderdale?

In the same manner, who cares if we are the #1 commercial glass repair Ft. Lauderdale company, the best commercial glass repair company, the foremost business glass repair company Ft. Lauderdale, the top glass repair company in Ft. Lauderdale, or the outstanding commercial glass repair Ft. Lauderdale company.

(Actually, we’re all of those – and a few more as well!).

It’s What We DO That Matters: Repair Your Glass Windows and Doors

It’s what we DO that’s important.

What you care about is whether we’re open 24/7/365. We are.

How fast can we get to you when your business suffers broken windows or glass doors? Is 30 minutes or less OK?

Have we got the glass in stock that you need? We almost certainly have.

Are our technicians undergoing continuous training so that they are up to speed with the very latest developments in window and door repair? They are.

Are our phones manned day and night by real people so that I don’t have to talk to a darn computer? Yes, they are.

If your trucks are only just up the road and can get to me in less than half an hour, are you going to be able to fix my broken window on the spot or are you going to have to go back to your depot to get something? They’ve got it on board.

Quality Of Service: Business Glass Repair in South Florida

Really, the only thing that matters about providing a commercial glass repair Ft. Lauderdale emergency service – or any other service for that matter – is the quality of the service. Everything else is relatively unimportant. The same thing applies to your business. What you choose to call it or what anyone else chooses to call it is irrelevant. (Unless it’s derogatory, of course, but if that were the case you wouldn’t last long in business anyway, and neither would we).

So we don’t care what you call us – just as long as you call us!


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