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August 4, 2016
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August 12, 2016

Fort Lauderdale: Why We Love It

Glass Window Repair, Fort Lauderdale

Glass Window Repair, Fort LauderdaleAt Glass Window Repair we believe that Fort Lauderdale is the finest city in South Florida. You might say to us “Well, you would say that, wouldn’t you? You live there and work there, so what else would we expect?”

Fair enough. You have a point. So in order

  • to back up our opinion, here are five reasons why we love it so much.

    Fort Lauderdale – Why We Love It. Reason 1

    23 miles of sandy beaches. Just the beach named after the city – Fort Lauderdale Beach – is seven miles long. Public restrooms, clean sand and plenty of SPACE. It’s not like a lot of other beaches in the US where you can hardly move for people. It’s got a workout space, basketball courts, a yoga school, lifeguards on duty 365 days a year – what more could you want?

    Fort Lauderdale – Why We Love It. Reason 2

    Shopping. Tons and tons of shopping. Sawgrass Mills. Galleria at Fort Lauderdale. There’s Bloomingdales, Super Target, and an IMAX theatre. There’s the Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop which also has a farmers market where you can buy fresh coconut water and fresh cane juice, and you can go to the world’s biggest drive in theatre with no less than 14 screens.

    Fort Lauderdale – Why We Love It. Reason 3

    Perfect weather all year round. A balmy 75 degrees average and no less than sunshine on 250 days a year (that’s about 3,000 hours, give or take). If you live in Scotland you’re lucky to get 25 days of sunshine.

    Yes, occasionally we get a tropical storm, but they don’t get too fierce that often. And then the sun comes out again! The lovely weather is one of the reasons that over 300,000 young folk used to come here for Spring Break in the 80’s but that has long since passed: today it’s more like 20,000 which is “do-able”. Another benefit.

    Fort Lauderdale – Why We Love It. Reason 4

    The food. Try Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill in Harbordale where you can buy a lobster roll or conch fritters. It has been named the best burger bar in South Florida for several years and has some unique burgers that you will find nowhere else.

    If burgers aren’t your thing, there’s Coconuts on Seabreeze Boulevard which offers a great selection of seafood such as crab claws in garlic sauce. Scrummy!

    If you like ice cream, Yo Mama’s make their own varieties daily and you’ll find tastes that you have never heard of elsewhere.

    Fort Lauderdale –Why We Love It. Reason 5

    It’s only a two hour drive to the Everglades where you can see herons, turtles, and alligators (obviously), and spend a few days hiking or camping. Ideal for the nature lovers – like us.

    So there are five reasons why we love Fort Lauderdale. There are plenty more. Let us know what it is that you love about our great city.

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