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Davie Florida: What’s in a Name? Or Rather What’s in a Sliding Glass Door Repair?

Davie Florida sliding glass doors repair.

Many men are sensitive about their names and don’t like them to be shortened or changed. For instance, Robert may object to being called Bob” or “Bobby”. John may not like “Johnny” or “Johnnie”. Peter may be upset by “Pete”. Edward may not like “Ed”. And as for Richard – well, let’s not even go there!

Then there’s David. “Dave”? “Davie”? We suppose you might get away with calling a young boy Davie – but a whole city?

But then, there is a bit of history to Davie, and we wouldn’t mind betting that many of the people who live there don’t know the origin of the name. When the city was originally founded it was called Zona. However, it was mostly swampland, and in 1909 a developer named Robert Parsell (R.P.) Davie helped the then Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (since we’re on about names, who would ever call their kid Napoleon Bonaparte???) by buying 27,000 acres and draining it. He then built a school in Zona and the people of the town were so grateful that they changed the name of it to Davie.

A “Western” Town in Florida

Davie has always had a history of being something of a “Western” town, and many of the buildings reflect the days of the old Wild West. In those days, much of the area was home to cattle, and even today many of the residents are horse owners.

Of course, later on Davie was dragged (possibly kicking and screaming) into the 20th century, and homes were built incorporating the “new-fangled” sliding glass doors, as opposed to the swing doors of the old Wild West saloons. But even that was many years ago, and today many of those homes and businesses are in need of Davie, Florida, sliding glass doors repair. Which, as you might have guessed, is where we come in. We know all about that new-fangled Davie, Florida, sliding glass doors repair because we do a lot of it.

Sliding glass doors do suffer from wear and tear and there comes a point where they can cause real problems. In some instances, we have had cases where they won’t open at all. That is bad enough if you are inside and can’t get out into the yard, but if you are in the yard and a storm is heading in off the Atlantic and you can’t get back in, it’s a nightmare.

So if your sliding glass door is beginning to stick and judder, don’t leave it an instant longer. You need Davie, Florida, sliding glass doors repair and you know it, so call us before you get into real trouble!


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