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November 24, 2017
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December 1, 2017

Coral Springs May Lack Springs but It Has Sliding Glass Doors to Be Repaired

Sliding Glass Door Repair Coral Springs, Florida

Coral Springs is another one of the fast-growing cities in South Florida, having been officially chartered on July 10th 1963. In the following period of less than 60 years it has now grown to a population of no less than 130,000, which is seriously fast growth! Like Cooper City not very far away, it is known as a family-friendly city in which to live, with a very low crime rate and very strict building codes to ensure the city’s distinctive aesthetic appeal.

Despite the name, there are no springs in Coral Springs! Names that were originally put forward included Quartermore, Curran Village, and Pompano Springs, but the final choice came from the name of the developers, Coral Ridge Properties.

There are very few tall buildings in Coral Springs, the tallest at just 12 stories being Country Club Tower, and just five more at 10 stories. The very strict landscaping and sign laws initiated by Coral Ridge Properties ensured that the city got its’ name into the very first game of Trivial Pursuit: Which US city was the first to have a McDonald’s without the famous “golden arches” sign? Answer: Coral Springs.

One Of Our Favorite Cities to Do Glass Repair Work

At Glass Window Repair we do a lot of work in the major cities such as Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, but we love it when we get a call from Coral Springs as it is one of our favorite cities. Here’s another thing about names: despite ours, we spend a lot of our time on sliding glass door repair, so when we get a call for Coral Springs sliding glass door repair there is almost a fight over which of our technicians gets the job because we all love the city so much. In fact, it has got to the point where we have to draw the names out of a hat!

It is also true that we are getting more calls for Coral Springs sliding glass door repair, since some of the original and earlier properties are now 50+ years old. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes sliding glass doors. They have many moving parts, and over the years they suffer from wear and tear like anything else.

Fortunately for Coral Springs residents, at Glass Window Repair we carry a wide range of spare parts for sliding glass doors of all makes and types. In the majority of cases this means that we can fix that old sliding glass door in a matter of hours and have it running like new again, whisper quiet. So if the time has come for Coral Springs sliding glass door repair, give us a call. We’ll make you happy, and you’ll make one of our lucky technicians happy! What’s not to like?


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