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Coral Springs, Florida, Glass Repair: Adjacent Cities & Environs

Glass Window Repair in Coral Springs.

Coral Springs is, by any standards, a sprawling city, covering as it does 24 square miles – the equivalent of nearly 5 miles by 5 miles. It was only incorporated in July 1963 when the population was of the order of 500. Today, Coral Springs has a population of somewhere north of 130,000 so it has grown enormously in the space of 50 years or so. The city was mainly developed by a company called Coral Ridge Properties which was a division of Westinghouse, and despite its’ name there are no springs in Coral Springs. During the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s the city added 35,000 residents in each decade bringing it to the size that it is today.

The city is right on the edge of the Everglades National Park and you can get up close and personal (although not TOO up close) to a variety of wildlife including alligators and crocodiles. In fact, you should never go any closer than 15’ to 20’ from the shore even if you see an alligator that may look dead. In reality, it is probably only basking in the sun, so it is never worth taking any risk.

We love Coral Springs, Florida, and we are proud to service its lovely inhabitants and businesses for glass window repair in Coral Springs. Glass is a material with very many benefits for the human race, but it does have one drawback, and that is that it can easily get broken. This even applies to impact-resistant glass, otherwise known as hurricane glass.

We Don’t Just Repair Windows in Coral Springs (All Types of Glass Repair)

Although our name is Glass Window Repair we don’t just repair windows in Coral Springs. We also repair all types of sliding glass doors, or any other doors containing glass, such as French doors. Although the city is a relatively new community it is nonetheless true that some of its homes are getting on for 40 years old and as a result glass window repair in Coral Springs, along with sliding glass door repair is something that we get asked to tackle more and more. Sadly, glass windows and sliding glass doors don’t last forever, and at some point are going to need repair if not complete replacement.

Coral Springs Glass Repair

Fortunately for Coral Springs residents and businesses we can repair all types of glass windows and sliding glass doors, and we can also replace them with the very latest high-tech equivalents. If your windows and doors are starting to show their age it might be a good idea to forget glass window repair in Coral Springs and talk to us about complete replacements.

The latest 2017 windows and doors provide energy savings the like of which you have never seen. This means that if you replace all those old drab windows and sliding glass doors with the very latest designs not only will your home look as though it is brand new, but you will also make huge savings on your electricity bills. A complete replacement program will usually pay for itself in a very short period of time indeed.

We offer a totally free assessment of your existing windows and doors, together with the very lowest prices you can pay for replacements. There is no obligation whatsoever, so give us a call in order to find out how much money you can save.


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