Board Up: After or Before an Event

The reality for Fort Lauderdale businesses is that you can’t afford to not be open. Perhaps it’s an employee accident, or perhaps it’s a burglary or vandalism. You come to work and discover that your business has a broken glass door, an entryway glass door that’s non-functional, or perhaps many of your windows were smashed in the latest event of public protest against Lord only knows what. All you know is that now there are shards of glass on the floor, a broken glass window or door, and customers are coming in – any minute. What do you do? You call us, that’s what. We are Fort Lauderdale’s #1 glass repair business and one of the few with expertise in board up services.

Ft Lauderdale Board up


Commercial Glass Repair and Replacement Services

If we can’t fix it, we can board it up. Most of the time – as we have access to the largest inventory of glass windows and glass doors in Fort Lauderdale, we can easily fix your problem. Often times, we can fix it the same day. But if we don’t have the glass door or window in stock, we can “board up” the offending glass door or window. We use plywood or other materials, and quickly board it up. It’s not beautiful – but it is functional. Protecting your business and allowing you to function while allowing us to quickly access the replacement parts. We can even do this “in advance” of a Florida hurricane. Pre-register with us for assistance doing a board up in advance of a major hurricane.

Board Up


Our Ft. Lauderdale Board Up and Glass Repair Services Include the following:

  • Storefront Door Glass Replacement – if your business storefront glass is broken or vandalized, we can help.
  • High Impact Glass Replacement – high impact glass has special requirements, which we know as the glass experts.
  • High Impact Glass Installation – we can install high impact glass if you like, anywhere in Fort Lauderdale or Broward county.
  • Storefront Glass Window Replacement – if your storefront just needs an upgrade, call us and we can discuss a complete replacement option.
  • Same Day Glass Replacement – we are one of the very few 24/7 emergency glass repair services in the county.
  • Half An Hour Response Time – yes, we are not kidding: 30 minutes.
  • 10% Off Any Glass Repair – just mention you saw this on the Internet and presto: 10% discount.
  • 24 Hour Board Up Services – 24/7 emergency, round the clock whatever you call it, we are like New Yorkers in Fort Lauderdale: we never sleep, and we are ready to deal with any glass emergency.

Commercial Glass Repair – 24/7, Immediately Response

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Fort Lauderdale Factoid


Incorporated on March 27, 1911, encompassing approximately 36 square miles with an estimated population of 176,747, Fort Lauderdale is the largest of Broward County’s 31 municipalities and one of the ten largest cities in Florida. Embraced by the Atlantic Ocean, New River and a myriad of scenic inland waterways, Fort Lauderdale truly lives up to its designation as the “Venice of America.”

An advantageous economic climate is helping the City of Fort Lauderdale establish itself as a world-class international business center and one of the most desirable locations for new, expanding or relocating businesses. Once known strictly as a tourism-based economy, Fort Lauderdale now supports a diverse range of industries, including marine, manufacturing, finance, insurance, real estate, high technology, avionics/aerospace, film and television production.


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